Ep 2: Culinary & Pastry Chef Turned Writer

Photo courtesy of Melissa Buckley

I am so ecstatic to share my friend Melissa Buckley with you today! Melissa and I originally met about a decade ago through a mutual friend, but weren’t that tight back then. We reconnected earlier this year when we started admiring each other’s writing projects over social media. We met up twice in the fall of 2019 and will hopefully keep seeing a lot of each other!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Buckley

I had seen glimpses of Melissa’s story unfold over social media, so it was way fun to hear her story from her own words. In this interview, Melissa touches on some key moments in her high school and college years before sharing about her decision to pursue a career in the culinary arts. You’ll hear about her experience in culinary school and later working in top notch kitchens in the Las Vegas area. If you want to get into a similar field of work, you’ll want to hear this interview!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Buckley

These days, Melissa is at home with her sweet twin babies and pursuing a career as a religious non-fiction writer. She shares all about this shift and the joy she finds in this particular creative outlet.

Connect with Melissa:
Instagram: @melissarosebuckley22
Visit her Website

Want to read some of Melissa’s work? Check out her article 9 Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Find Time For Personal Revelation on LDSLiving.com.

Thanks again, Melissa, for being on the show!

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