Ep. 3: Hollywood Hustle to Suburban #MomLife

Photo courtesy of Emma Walz

My cousin Emma Walz has always been the adventurer in the family. She’s always been learning, creating, and charting her own course. While I was stoked for her to move back to Utah a couple years ago after living in California working as a script supervisor for years, I wasn’t too surprised when she later told me that she felt a bit lost in her new life as a “suburban mom.”

Photo courtesy of Emma Walz (she’s the one in the blue hat!)

I wasn’t worried though—I knew Emma would figure it out, and she did. In this episode of the Looks Like Wandering Podcast, Emma shares about her path to script supervising, and then her shift to motherhood. She shares some great insight to both the career and the lifestyle of those working in the film industry. Maybe most importantly, Emma shares about the mental shifts she’s had to make to truly embrace this season of life.

And surprise! Keep listening for a big reveal of what’s next for Emma!! It sure caught me off guard, and was the best surprise I could have imagined! I’m getting emotional even writing these show notes—but that could also be because I’m still sworn to secrecy until this episode comes out, haha! I’m holding it all in!!

Thanks so much for joining us, Emma! Love you so much!

You can connect with Emma on her Instagram @poemsbymom—her latest creative endeavor! And if you have a non-union script supervising job for Emma and are willing to pay her the BIG BUCKS, hit her up. You never know if she’ll make a quick exception for a really good gig. 😉