Ep. 4: Healthcare Professional Turned Artist

Photos courtesy of Nicole Hock

Nicole Hock of -Osis Earrings is no stranger to health conditions—aside from being a radiologic technologist (“rad tech”), Nicole has Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s disease, and struggled with an eating disorder for 8 years. Her passion for healthcare and helping others turned to a business when she began creating polymer clay earrings modeled after aspects of different health conditions. I LOVE THIS!

In this episode, we dive deeper into Nicole’s story and what inspired her (despite believing her entire life that she wasn’t particularly creative) to use her creative skills for good.

You can find Nicole and -Osis Earrings on Instagram @osisearrings and on Etsy. A portion of all proceeds from all of her sales are donated to related foundations.

Through the end of January 2020, listeners can use the code WINTER10 for 10% off their order on the -Osis Earrings Etsy page. Thanks so much, Nicole!