Ep. 5: What My Foot Zoner Taught Me About My Life Path

In early December, I moved out of my apartment. Episode 1 was recorded in that apartment. Episodes 2-4 were recorded at my family’s home in California. And finally, episode 5 was recorded in my new house in Southern Utah. In this episode, I share some updates about my recent move and what led me here. I share about a week I had last fall that helped me recognize that I was on the right path, and how a meeting with my foot zoner helped me see that. And just for fun, I kept in some bloopers, even in the first minute. It’s just real life! I got a little laugh out of it.

And as promised, here’s a sneak peek of my living room. I’ll share all the details in a future Allie At Home post (including how I spent LESS THAN $50 for everything + details on the many vintage items in this room). I LOVE IT.

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