Ep. 6: From Uncertainty to Confidence in Business

When I first announced that I was starting a podcast, Melissa (of Episode 2) messaged me to tell me that I need to meet her friend Chelsea who was ALSO launching a podcast around the same time with a similar theme! That started a friendship that would span through texts, Marco Polo, and hopefully sometime meeting in person. But this gal, let me tell you. Chelsea has a way of making you feel like you’re already old friends, and I LOVE that. She also has an incredible energy and passion, and you’re going to hear that both in this podcast episode, and in her podcast, Confidence in Business.

In this podcast, she shares about how she went from unsure about her career path and unable to find the resources she was looking for, to an advocate for other women wanting to break into business. Here are some of the things that were mentioned in the podcast:

Chelsea and her sweet family! Baby #2 coming soon!!

Before we even start the interview, I talk about how I’m figuring out the best way to schedule my time. I mention that I’m planning to try out block scheduling. I mention episode 56 of the Live Free Creative podcast where host Miranda talks all about block scheduling, so I’ll definitely be relistening to that soon!

In her interview, Chelsea mentions author/podcaster Robin Sharma, and how she used to listen to his YouTube videos. She says the insights he shared changed her life.

You can find Chelsea on Instagram, and her podcast @ConfidenceinBusiness on Instagram, Facebook, and on major podcast platforms.

I’m planning to be on the Confidence in Business podcast soon as well, talking about my path to becoming a podcaster, and the resources I use to do that. So check back for that later!

Thanks so much, Chelsea! And as always, if you like what you hear, please subscribe, leave a review, and share the podcast with a friend! Thanks so much!