Home Tour: Living Room (So Far)

I didn’t let myself start designing my home until I had signed a contract and paid my deposit. I think a big part of that was not letting myself get my hopes up—if you recall, I’ve spent a decade living with roommates in apartments, so I had a pretty limited space to call my own. When I finally had a place, I starting making Pinterest boards for every room in the house.

The living room board was one that I was most excited about. I found myself swooning over neutral color schemes. I knew exactly the grey couch I wanted to save up for, I knew a couple family heirlooms that would fit well in the space, and in my mind, it all looked so peaceful and perfect.

Screenshots of my living room Pinterest board

Before I even moved in, I found THE MOST AMAZING vintage yellow chairs for a steal of a price (or so I thought) on Facebook Marketplace. I snatched them up, and the gal was even getting rid of a coffee table and gave that to me for free. I had initially hoped to reupholster the chairs with a grey fabric, but the yellow grew on me, despite…

Cat hair.

So. Much. Cat hair.

And dried hairballs.

I spent 2 days scrubbing it out (plus repairing a couple of wobbly legs). Truly, it’s not perfect. There are still stains on it. But they no longer smell like cats, and at least I know that those things are CLEAN. There are still some things I want to do with the chairs (sand down the legs and re-stain them, replace the fabric underneath, and later, someday, reupholster them), but I love them as they are right now.

I ended up suddenly designing my living room around these chairs. This room is bright and bold, and it feels so comfortable. I LOVE this room. I still LOVE my Pinterest board as well, and maybe someday my home will reflect that, but I’m not in a hurry.

I only purchased 3 items in the living room. Everything was repurposed from things I already owned. I’ve spent under $50 (so far) for this room. (Okay, plus about $12 to fix those chairs so far, but doesn’t $50 sound better?)

Here’s the breakdown:

Vintage yellow chairs, $35
Blue Magic Upholstery Cleaner, about $7
Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, about $5

Coffee table, free
Basket, $15 at HomeGoods
Tan pillows, vintage from my family
Lamp, vintage from my family
Fabric on floral pillow from Harmony in Provo
Beeswax candles from Farm & Hive in Payson, UT
Wall art from Light & Ink (purchased years ago at Beehive Bazaar in Provo)
Art prints on the shelf from Hayley Nuenswander and Caitlin Connolly.

So much #shoplocal in here! I love supporting creative friends.

Big disclaimer: This room is not done! This photo is of the half that is. I am still looking for a couple key pieces to put on other walls, but I’m taking my time. I wanted to get this place feeling livable and cozy though, and I love where it’s at so far.