Ep. 10: From Design Student to Comedian

I had such a hard time naming this episode and what I landed on didn’t even contain the amazing middle of his career path!! SO MANY TWISTS! (Two actually. Two twists). Luckily, we reveal those pretty quickly in the episode, so at least give it 5 minutes then you’ll be HOOKED!

Tanner Rahlf and I lived in the same apartment complex years ago and have kept in touch since then (Facebook!). Tanner is currently working for a local company while simultaneously building his career as a stand up comedian in the Provo, Utah area. In this episode, he shares his path and also gives a lot of great insights into how to try out comedy, and pursue it further.

Tanner mentioned the late comedian Mitch Hedberg during our interview. You can watch some of Mitch’s stand up on YouTube.

Find Tan Tan Comedy on Facebook. You can find some of his stand up on YouTube. And if you’re in Utah, definitely check out one of his live shows!

Thanks so much, Tanner!

Ep. 9: From Art Student to Mom & Artist

When Megan Geilman was growing up, she hoped to someday be a mom and an artist—both! She can now confidently say she’s both. After taking years off to begin a family, Megan has made her mark in the Provo, Utah art scene, having her award winning pieces displayed in both solo and group shows. In this interview she shares about studying art education in college, coming back into the art scene years later, finding her style, and making the leap from art as a hobby to a career.

Here is the Christmas card she created for her family that she mentions in the episode:

And here are more of the pieces she mentioned:

In the interview, she mentions that she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (so am I!). Click here to go to the Church website to learn more.

For the latest updates and to see more of her recent pieces, find Megan on Instagram at @megan.knobloch.geilman.

Home Tour: Kitchen

The program I use to put our logo on photos is broken right now. Please don’t steal my photo though, k?

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. That rug was one of the first things I bought for the house, before I even moved in.

My brother told me that HomeGoods has a great 30 day return policy, and that he bought and returned stuff countless times when he moved into his place, trying to find just the right thing. Especially rugs, he said.

Not this rug. Or anything. I haven’t returned a thing.

I really love the deep blues and grays in this room, with pops of green and a lot of white. The light also comes though the windows in the best way, and stays that way the entire day.

This picture isn’t perfect—notice the clean dishes drying on the counter? But I still love this photo. I took it while I was studying at the kitchen table a couple weeks after moving in. I just glanced over, saw the light pouring through the windows and decided, I love this room.

(Truthfully, I should be studying right now. But writing this quick post sounded a lot more fun).

Not pictured: my kitchen table that I made a couple years back, and my road bike. Yep, I’m storing the bike in the kitchen for now—I figured it was a good idea with the tile flooring, instead of putting it on carpet. I also don’t have kitchen chairs yet—I just have my office chair in the kitchen, and I move it to the office as needed. The kitchen is warmer anyway and I’m rarely in my office right now. Hopefully I’ll find the right chairs for the space soon.


Rug, HomeGoods
Towels, Ikea
Oven Mitt, Ikea
Soaps, Mrs. Meyers (from Grove Collective, free things!)
Sponge, Grove Collective (really though, so many free things. This is my referral code so we can both get free things if you want)
White Flour/Sugar canisters holding utensils, World Market
Beeswax Sun Catcher, Farm & Hive
Mixer, gifted from my mama <3

As usual, I purchased very little for this room: just the rug, canisters, and towels. Easily less than $40. The soaps and other disposable cleaning things aren’t included in that cost, but let me just say still, doing the free trial from Grove Collective was a great idea for just moving into a new place. It helped me take care of all the cleaning supplies, soaps, etc. right off the bat, and all of it is natural and good for my home. I’m not sure I’ll keep up with the subscription (so no worries if you don’t use that referral code), but it was sure a lifesaver when I first moved in. I literally timed it so well that my box arrived THE DAY I moved in. That felt like a HUGE win.

And that’s my kitchen! Thanks for reading.

Ep. 8: Allie Goes to a Conference!

Salt Lake City, UT

In this episode, I share about my 3 favorite presentations at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Author Patrick Lencioni’s presentation about “The Ideal Team Player” (also, his book of the same name).

A presentation about “Igniting a Career Design” hosted by leaders at Adobe. They shared about the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” and shared this graphic:

And my favorite presentation, “How Diversity Leads to Innovation,” by Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino. (Takeaways: “Culture is NOT perks,” hire for attitude/train for skills, and don’t judge a team by it’s failures).

Trisha Price presenting at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

A huge thanks to Carine Clark and Southern Utah University for helping me get to Silicon Slopes Tech Summit this year!

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