Ep. 10: From Design Student to Comedian

I had such a hard time naming this episode and what I landed on didn’t even contain the amazing middle of his career path!! SO MANY TWISTS! (Two actually. Two twists). Luckily, we reveal those pretty quickly in the episode, so at least give it 5 minutes then you’ll be HOOKED!

Tanner Rahlf and I lived in the same apartment complex years ago and have kept in touch since then (Facebook!). Tanner is currently working for a local company while simultaneously building his career as a stand up comedian in the Provo, Utah area. In this episode, he shares his path and also gives a lot of great insights into how to try out comedy, and pursue it further.

Tanner mentioned the late comedian Mitch Hedberg during our interview. You can watch some of Mitch’s stand up on YouTube.

Find Tan Tan Comedy on Facebook. You can find some of his stand up on YouTube. And if you’re in Utah, definitely check out one of his live shows!

Thanks so much, Tanner!