Ep. 8: Allie Goes to a Conference!

Salt Lake City, UT

In this episode, I share about my 3 favorite presentations at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Author Patrick Lencioni’s presentation about “The Ideal Team Player” (also, his book of the same name).

A presentation about “Igniting a Career Design” hosted by leaders at Adobe. They shared about the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” and shared this graphic:

And my favorite presentation, “How Diversity Leads to Innovation,” by Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino. (Takeaways: “Culture is NOT perks,” hire for attitude/train for skills, and don’t judge a team by it’s failures).

Trisha Price presenting at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

A huge thanks to Carine Clark and Southern Utah University for helping me get to Silicon Slopes Tech Summit this year!

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