Ep. 12: From Copywriter to Dream Pop Vocalist

Kendall Sallay-Milotz and I have known each other since MIDDLE SCHOOL, so you know this episode is going to be great! There’s too much love and history there to not be great!

Kendall plays in the dream pop band Starover Blue (website / Bandcamp / Instagram). In this interview, she shares about her path as a musician, from choir member to lead vocalist of a band. She shares how she balances a full time job that she loves, as well as pursuing her passion for music. She shares the value of sacrifice and hard work.

Here are some photos of the band, but also of me singing with Kendall/Starover Blue, because those are some of my most favorite memories ever.

Photo by Gary Barnes, Holocene Portland, January 2020
Photo by Gary Barnes, Holocene Portland, January 2020
Photo by Gary Barnes, Doug Fir, Portland
Album Release, September 2019 (I’m on the right!)

And some throwbacks… 😉

2007, San Diego
2007, San Diego (Photo by my cousin Morgan Miller, I believe!)
2006, Les Miserables in High School. Kendall and I sang in the Pirates of Penzance, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Mis together.

I have always been SO proud of Kendall. I think we both cry when we listen to each other’s recordings. When we sing together, it’s hard to tell my voice from her’s because we’ve literally been singing together for half our lives. My friendship with Kendall has been one of the greatest of my life. I’m just so happy to share her with you today.

P.S. Some of my favorite songs on their latest album Ordinary Magic are A B Y, Anemone, and The Howl Makes No Sound!

P.P.S. Every year, Kendall, Dirk and I record a cover of a song. Here’s one of those:

Thanks so much, Kendall! <3