Home Tour: Living Room, Part 2!

Remember my living room tour in January, shortly after moving in? SO MUCH has changed! I was missing two things in this room that, after spending several weeks checking Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, etc. I realized would probably just have to wait. Those things were 1. a couch (specifically, ideally, a grey couch), and 2. something for the opposite wall. For weeks, there was nothing on the wall across from the sitting area, except my router sitting on the floor.

And then I found it: THE COUCH.

I got an incredible deal on this couch on Facebook Marketplace, and while it’s used and I had to clean it up just a bit, it is perfect for ME.

The art above the couch was just a photo I took on my phone while driving out of Minersville, Utah a few weeks back. I changed up the settings in Adobe Illustrator to print it on multiple pages, printed it at home, and hung it up with masking tape. It cost nothing, and I LOVE IT.

The bookcase used to be vertical where the lamp is now, but I turned it back to horizontal and put it against the wall opposite the couch. The wall was still pretty empty as I don’t have a TV yet, so I DIY’d up some prints from Parabo Press* and hung them up.

Aside from the bookshelf that I bought a couple years back, I don’t think anything in this room cost over $40. I either already had the items, or I took my time finding them. I listed some of my sources in my first post, but just to recap / expound:

Blanket basket: HomeGoods
Blankets: if it’s a quilt, I made it myself a few years back
Lamp: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Beige pillows: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Floral pillowcase: made with fabric from Harmony in Provo, UT
Scandinavian inspired pillow: Ikea
Blue glass on bookshelf: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Pots with plants: inherited from my late Grandma Judy W.
Yellow chairs: vintage, Facebook Marketplace
Couch: used, Facebook Marketplace
Coffee table: used, Facebook Marketplace
Wood: from my wood guy, Devin Stratton in Orem, UT
Ceramic plate on bookshelf: from Busy Bee Pottery in Beaver, UT
Wood prints: by Light & Ink, Provo, UT
Mt. Timpanogos art print: by Annie Blake, Provo, UT
Beeswax candles: from Farm & Hive

And as I mentioned previously, the photos were printed through Parabo Press. I love their products and have used them for years. If you want to try them out, please consider using my referral code DDJRHF for $10 off your first order. If you do, I also get $10 off my next order, which is a pretty sweet deal for both of us!

I’m so glad this room has come together like it has. I would say it’s my favorite room, but I think that keeps changing. I’m just very grateful for this space to call my own.