My book, Not According to Plan: Becoming whole without a husband and other unexpected paths, will be released by October 20. It’ll be available on Amazon.com. The book, in the LDS nonfiction genre, is about developing resilience and finding joy when life doesn’t look like we thought it would—and while this book is marketed toward LDS women, there may be some principles in here that a wider audience could relate to. *P.S. I also added in some stuff for unmarried LDS adults, because there just isn’t enough written from that perspective. So I’m lifting where I stand!

For the most up to date info, follow me on Instagram @lookslikewandering. Here are a couple of posts I wrote over the last few weeks to celebrate little milestones:

I started writing a book on March 8, after ignoring promptings to begin writing it for weeks prior. I finished the full draft of my book on Saturday, August 29 at 11:10pm and sent it off to two friends to edit. I took the second photo at 11:24pm, after working the last two evenings—including the last 4 continuous hours—to edit this draft. Those last two nights left me emotionally drained. There were tears. It feels heavy. I spent most of Sunday in bed and 90% of my meals were sugar-based. And then, the text from my editor Melissa

“So I totally read your whole book last night. 😱😱😱 ITS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! I planned to read a chapter or two in bed. Nope. Had to read it all! That opening. Man. Sooooo good! It’s so great.”

And it all feels worth it.

Cover photo and design by Maddison Weber

So much of this book came from spiritual promptings and impressions—from the initial idea, to the title, to certain chapters—and I dragged my feet through so much of it! 😅 Haha!

Despite my resistance, I couldn’t ignore it, even just for the fact that I’ve made it a life goal to never ignore anything that could be a spiritual prompting. God says write, so I write. There’s a greater purpose to it all, even if I can’t see it yet.

I wrote this for you.

“Not According to Plan: Becoming whole without a husband and other unexpected paths” will be released by October 20.