S2 E5: Strengthening Mixed-Faith Relationships

One of my favorite things about this episode is honestly how these women talked about their partners. They shared about some really tough, uncomfortable, or scary conversations they had with their partners, and how those led them to strengthening their relationships, and better understanding one another.

All three women also have different experiences, which I think is so valuable in this conversation: One is an active member of the LDS church whose husband is no longer practicing; One woman navigated her husband leaving the LDS church, then she herself made that same decision a couple years later; and another married a non-LDS Christian, and is currently on her own faith journey. Three very different experiences, and one very meaningful conversation. I loved chatting with these women so much!

I clearly have not been doing show notes for this season of the Looks Like Wandering Podcast… whoops! But I had to cut down this episode quite a bit, and wanted to make sure I mentioned some resources these women had to offer, if you’re navigating a mixed-faith relationship as well!

First off, therapy was mentioned multiple times in this episode, and I just want to give a quick amen to all of that. I believe therapy is so important for individuals and couples—and even if you don’t think you need therapy, it’s so great to even learn how to communicate better, sort through small concerns, or just have someone to talk to, and help guide you through thought processes, or other life things.

It may take a couple/few tries to find the right therapist for you. Don’t be afraid to walk away and try another therapist if you don’t feel like you’re benefitting. In my own life, I can only remember one therapist who I felt wasn’t hearing what I was saying—and I can remember a couple therapists who I LOVED and who truly helped me navigate tricky situations in my life. If you don’t feel like you’re clicking with your first therapist, try another. It’s worth finding the right therapist for you.

OKAY! On to the other resources that these women mentioned, that I wasn’t able to include in the episode itself:

Marriage on a Tightrope Podcast -A podcast specifically about navigating a mixed-faith relationship.

Spiritual.Sojourn on Instagram

Jody Moore (Life Coach), and the Better Than Happy Podcast

Dr. Julie Hanks, Psychotherapist – Instagram / Courses

If you haven’t already listened to the episode, you can do so through the player at the top of this blog post, or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Thank you again to Nikki, LeAndra, and Kathryn for sharing. I’m so glad we had this conversation!