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Allie Barnes is a writer and researcher who is passionate about empowering and developing individuals and organizations. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Business and Leadership under Southern Utah University’s Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program. She graduated with her bachelors degree in Family Studies from Brigham Young University.

After living in Utah for over a decade, Allie recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. Outside of work, Allie enjoys spending time with family and friends. She finds joy in learning new things, facing new challenges, and working on creative projects.

Learning Blocks

In the Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program, I am completing the Business, Leadership, and the Online Teaching learning blocks.

Capstone Thesis

My capstone thesis will combine my three learning blocks by looking at how individuals integrate traditional business leadership principles into their home life and communities. I am specifically choosing to do a capstone thesis to help me better prepare for a PhD program in the future. I’d also like to create an online curriculum based on my thesis to propose as a future college course.

What your preliminary literature review topic will be and why?

Leadership in a home or community (church, volunteer) setting.

What your preliminary methodology section will consist of and why?

Participants: Interview 4-6 individuals with a knowledge of and experience with professional leadership theories.

Materials: Journal articles from the SUU Library, the voice recorder on my phone, laptop, printer, and qualitative data analysis software.

Design: Semi-structured, exploratory qualitative interviews.

Procedure: I will interview 4-6 individuals who have a knowledge of and experience with professional leadership theories. We will discuss how they transfer these skills into their home or community roles. I may also ask how they developed these leadership skills, how they model and/or teach them to those in their sphere of influence, and how they think these skills could better be taught in homes and communities. Each approximately 30-minute interview will be recorded on my phone and transcribed later. I will email each participant a Google doc of their transcribed answers for them to cross-check. I will combine these interview results with secondary research for my capstone thesis.

Dream job: Teaching, writing, and speaking to instruct and empower others.
Photo taken by Danielle Shettell at my book release party, October 20, 2020.