I LOVE therapy. I think the guidance that professional counselors and therapists offer is invaluable.

But there are times when what I really need is someone to hold my hand, talk things out with, make a plan with, then be able to be accountable to them in a way that works for me. More often than not, the support I want doesn’t fit into a neat 60 minute box once a week. It’s ongoing.

If you’ve read my book, you know I’ve worked through a lot in my life so far, including depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, unemployment, career shifts, betrayal trauma recovery, and more. Life tends to throw a lot of curve balls at us. But notice how I’ve phrased that: I’ve worked through these things. Sure, some of it still comes up now and then (depression is a beast), but I’ve identified the tools I need to keep my head well above water.

I want to help you identify those tools for yourself.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all in life, we’ll make this exactly what you need to thrive. Do you need one call at the beginning of the month, then to check in with me every weekend? Let’s do it! Do you need a 30 minute Zoom call every other week, and for me to text you throughout the week to keep you accountable? Great! Do you want one call a month, a handful of resources, then to not hear from me until the next month? I’ll miss you, but sure, if that’s what you need!

Resources can include anything from worksheets, writing prompts, articles, books, meditations, yoga videos, custom yoga videos (I’m a certified yoga instructor), and more. We can even work on balancing or activating your chakras. If I can’t directly help you, I can connect you to additional resources.

With me on your team, you’ll have someone there to lift you up, hold your hand, validate you, and encourage you in whatever you’re working on, and through every unknown.

Send me an email at lookslikewandering[at] gmail [dot] com or a DM on Instagram for more information.