Ep. 15: Making the Most of Unexpected Changes (Featuring MY MOM!)

I had no idea the changes that would happen between the time I recorded this episode with my mom in early March to when it was released two weeks later. COVID-19 was barely on my mind—I was just surprised when I couldn’t buy toilet paper that week at Walmart. And here we are now, practicing social distancing, and some of us in isolation.

Life has changed and most of us have a lot of adapting to do. This interview is more applicable than ever.

In this interview, my mom, Julie Barnes, shares her journeys with fibromyalgia, several months of almost continuous vertigo due to a hormone issue, and most recently, Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or “Painful Bladder Syndrome.” While she has struggled with fibromyalgia for several years, the vertigo and later IC kept her mostly at home, and sometimes bedridden. She had to leave the job she loved, and later the church assignment she loved, and find new ways to find joy and fulfillment in her new circumstances.

Me and my Mom <3

During the interview, my mom mentions a charity she sews for, Teeny Tears. It’s a great resource if anyone who is looking for a service opportunity or if anyone works at a hospital or funeral home and would like to request items. (From their website: “Teeny Tears is a service organization that provides tiny flannel diapers, mini blankets, and no-sew stockinette hats at no charge to hospitals, funeral homes, and bereavement support organizations for families that have suffered the loss of a preemie or micropreemie child through stillbirth or NICU loss. Serving the bereavement community since November of 2011, we currently provide clothing to more than 2,500 hospitals worldwide.”)

My family with my mom’s parents, Christmas 2019

My mom is also very spiritual, and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of her favorite religious books is Making It Through the Middle by Emily Freeman. (I agree, it’s very uplifting!)

My family, December 2019

I love my mom so much, and I’m so glad I get to share her with you today! Feel free to connect with me and her on the Looks Like Wandering Instagram page.

Thanks so much, mama! And thank you to everyone for listening!

Home Tour: Living Room, Part 2!

Remember my living room tour in January, shortly after moving in? SO MUCH has changed! I was missing two things in this room that, after spending several weeks checking Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, etc. I realized would probably just have to wait. Those things were 1. a couch (specifically, ideally, a grey couch), and 2. something for the opposite wall. For weeks, there was nothing on the wall across from the sitting area, except my router sitting on the floor.

And then I found it: THE COUCH.

I got an incredible deal on this couch on Facebook Marketplace, and while it’s used and I had to clean it up just a bit, it is perfect for ME.

The art above the couch was just a photo I took on my phone while driving out of Minersville, Utah a few weeks back. I changed up the settings in Adobe Illustrator to print it on multiple pages, printed it at home, and hung it up with masking tape. It cost nothing, and I LOVE IT.

The bookcase used to be vertical where the lamp is now, but I turned it back to horizontal and put it against the wall opposite the couch. The wall was still pretty empty as I don’t have a TV yet, so I DIY’d up some prints from Parabo Press* and hung them up.

Aside from the bookshelf that I bought a couple years back, I don’t think anything in this room cost over $40. I either already had the items, or I took my time finding them. I listed some of my sources in my first post, but just to recap / expound:

Blanket basket: HomeGoods
Blankets: if it’s a quilt, I made it myself a few years back
Lamp: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Beige pillows: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Floral pillowcase: made with fabric from Harmony in Provo, UT
Scandinavian inspired pillow: Ikea
Blue glass on bookshelf: vintage, from my late Great Grandma Mary
Pots with plants: inherited from my late Grandma Judy W.
Yellow chairs: vintage, Facebook Marketplace
Couch: used, Facebook Marketplace
Coffee table: used, Facebook Marketplace
Wood: from my wood guy, Devin Stratton in Orem, UT
Ceramic plate on bookshelf: from Busy Bee Pottery in Beaver, UT
Wood prints: by Light & Ink, Provo, UT
Mt. Timpanogos art print: by Annie Blake, Provo, UT
Beeswax candles: from Farm & Hive

And as I mentioned previously, the photos were printed through Parabo Press. I love their products and have used them for years. If you want to try them out, please consider using my referral code DDJRHF for $10 off your first order. If you do, I also get $10 off my next order, which is a pretty sweet deal for both of us!

I’m so glad this room has come together like it has. I would say it’s my favorite room, but I think that keeps changing. I’m just very grateful for this space to call my own.

Ep. 14: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Podcaster

Today we’re talking to Jenny Furse who, along with her husband Joe, hosts the Of Progress and Purpose Podcast! Jenny shares her journey from student to working mom to stay-at-home mom to podcaster. She also shares some of the values that she and Joe share on their podcast. Jenny is a light, and I’m so grateful for the chance to share her with you!

Hear more from Jenny on the Of Progress and Purpose podcast:

Listen on Anchor.FM

Thanks so much, Jenny!

Ep. 12: From Copywriter to Dream Pop Vocalist

Kendall Sallay-Milotz and I have known each other since MIDDLE SCHOOL, so you know this episode is going to be great! There’s too much love and history there to not be great!

Kendall plays in the dream pop band Starover Blue (website / Bandcamp / Instagram). In this interview, she shares about her path as a musician, from choir member to lead vocalist of a band. She shares how she balances a full time job that she loves, as well as pursuing her passion for music. She shares the value of sacrifice and hard work.

Here are some photos of the band, but also of me singing with Kendall/Starover Blue, because those are some of my most favorite memories ever.

Photo by Gary Barnes, Holocene Portland, January 2020
Photo by Gary Barnes, Holocene Portland, January 2020
Photo by Gary Barnes, Doug Fir, Portland
Album Release, September 2019 (I’m on the right!)

And some throwbacks… 😉

2007, San Diego
2007, San Diego (Photo by my cousin Morgan Miller, I believe!)
2006, Les Miserables in High School. Kendall and I sang in the Pirates of Penzance, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Mis together.

I have always been SO proud of Kendall. I think we both cry when we listen to each other’s recordings. When we sing together, it’s hard to tell my voice from her’s because we’ve literally been singing together for half our lives. My friendship with Kendall has been one of the greatest of my life. I’m just so happy to share her with you today.

P.S. Some of my favorite songs on their latest album Ordinary Magic are A B Y, Anemone, and The Howl Makes No Sound!

P.P.S. Every year, Kendall, Dirk and I record a cover of a song. Here’s one of those:

Thanks so much, Kendall! <3

Ep. 11: I’m organizing an event!

As I’ve met with business owners in Beaver County over the last few weeks, I started to see a need: women business owners—many of whom run their businesses out of their homes—want to connect with other women business owners, and they want opportunities to learn. I kept having this thought that I can create a space for this for them, and I try to never ignore a reoccurring though, so here we are! If you are a woman business owner in Beaver County (or the surrounding areas), OR a potential/hopeful/future business owner, you are invited to this free event on March 18 in Beaver.

Most of the evening will be just chatting and getting to know each other. We’ll also have a speaker or two sharing about different selling platforms and doing a brief Q&A (if this event is successful, I’m lightly planning to do more of them, with different topics covered each time). We will share tools and resources to help you fill any gaps you notice in your business. And, if that wasn’t enough already, I’m planning on having refreshments!

RSVP on the Facebook event, and be sure to tell your friends! See ya soon!

Ep. 10: From Design Student to Comedian

I had such a hard time naming this episode and what I landed on didn’t even contain the amazing middle of his career path!! SO MANY TWISTS! (Two actually. Two twists). Luckily, we reveal those pretty quickly in the episode, so at least give it 5 minutes then you’ll be HOOKED!

Tanner Rahlf and I lived in the same apartment complex years ago and have kept in touch since then (Facebook!). Tanner is currently working for a local company while simultaneously building his career as a stand up comedian in the Provo, Utah area. In this episode, he shares his path and also gives a lot of great insights into how to try out comedy, and pursue it further.

Tanner mentioned the late comedian Mitch Hedberg during our interview. You can watch some of Mitch’s stand up on YouTube.

Find Tan Tan Comedy on Facebook. You can find some of his stand up on YouTube. And if you’re in Utah, definitely check out one of his live shows!

Thanks so much, Tanner!

Ep. 9: From Art Student to Mom & Artist

When Megan Geilman was growing up, she hoped to someday be a mom and an artist—both! She can now confidently say she’s both. After taking years off to begin a family, Megan has made her mark in the Provo, Utah art scene, having her award winning pieces displayed in both solo and group shows. In this interview she shares about studying art education in college, coming back into the art scene years later, finding her style, and making the leap from art as a hobby to a career.

Here is the Christmas card she created for her family that she mentions in the episode:

And here are more of the pieces she mentioned:

In the interview, she mentions that she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (so am I!). Click here to go to the Church website to learn more.

For the latest updates and to see more of her recent pieces, find Megan on Instagram at @megan.knobloch.geilman.

Home Tour: Kitchen

The program I use to put our logo on photos is broken right now. Please don’t steal my photo though, k?

My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. That rug was one of the first things I bought for the house, before I even moved in.

My brother told me that HomeGoods has a great 30 day return policy, and that he bought and returned stuff countless times when he moved into his place, trying to find just the right thing. Especially rugs, he said.

Not this rug. Or anything. I haven’t returned a thing.

I really love the deep blues and grays in this room, with pops of green and a lot of white. The light also comes though the windows in the best way, and stays that way the entire day.

This picture isn’t perfect—notice the clean dishes drying on the counter? But I still love this photo. I took it while I was studying at the kitchen table a couple weeks after moving in. I just glanced over, saw the light pouring through the windows and decided, I love this room.

(Truthfully, I should be studying right now. But writing this quick post sounded a lot more fun).

Not pictured: my kitchen table that I made a couple years back, and my road bike. Yep, I’m storing the bike in the kitchen for now—I figured it was a good idea with the tile flooring, instead of putting it on carpet. I also don’t have kitchen chairs yet—I just have my office chair in the kitchen, and I move it to the office as needed. The kitchen is warmer anyway and I’m rarely in my office right now. Hopefully I’ll find the right chairs for the space soon.


Rug, HomeGoods
Towels, Ikea
Oven Mitt, Ikea
Soaps, Mrs. Meyers (from Grove Collective, free things!)
Sponge, Grove Collective (really though, so many free things. This is my referral code so we can both get free things if you want)
White Flour/Sugar canisters holding utensils, World Market
Beeswax Sun Catcher, Farm & Hive
Mixer, gifted from my mama <3

As usual, I purchased very little for this room: just the rug, canisters, and towels. Easily less than $40. The soaps and other disposable cleaning things aren’t included in that cost, but let me just say still, doing the free trial from Grove Collective was a great idea for just moving into a new place. It helped me take care of all the cleaning supplies, soaps, etc. right off the bat, and all of it is natural and good for my home. I’m not sure I’ll keep up with the subscription (so no worries if you don’t use that referral code), but it was sure a lifesaver when I first moved in. I literally timed it so well that my box arrived THE DAY I moved in. That felt like a HUGE win.

And that’s my kitchen! Thanks for reading.

Ep. 8: Allie Goes to a Conference!

Salt Lake City, UT

In this episode, I share about my 3 favorite presentations at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Author Patrick Lencioni’s presentation about “The Ideal Team Player” (also, his book of the same name).

A presentation about “Igniting a Career Design” hosted by leaders at Adobe. They shared about the Japanese concept of “Ikigai” and shared this graphic:

And my favorite presentation, “How Diversity Leads to Innovation,” by Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino. (Takeaways: “Culture is NOT perks,” hire for attitude/train for skills, and don’t judge a team by it’s failures).

Trisha Price presenting at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

A huge thanks to Carine Clark and Southern Utah University for helping me get to Silicon Slopes Tech Summit this year!

New episode of the Looks Like Wandering Podcast coming this Monday morning. If you’re loving the podcast so far, please subscribe, rate it, and share it with friends.

Ep. 7: Personal Trainer to Affirmation Advocate

I felt very strongly that I needed to interview Suzy, and that this episode needed to come out this week. So, this is for you, listeners. I know there’s at least one person who needs to hear from Suzy this week. <3

In this episode, Suzy Jordan, founder of Affirmed Co., shares a bit about her career journey (beginning as a personal trainer)—but more importantly, shares her journey from struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, to becoming a mental health advocate and business owner. She shares how her hobby for hand-lettering and her own personal healing work inspired her to make a product to help others change their own mindsets through affirmations.

Here are some of the things mentioned in this episode:

The article I wrote last year about suicidal ideation

Suzy’s Big 3: Meditation, Affirmations, Gratitude

@heytiffanyroe ; tiffanyroe.com

Brené Brown (@brenebrown)

@Rachel Hollis (The Hollis Co)

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, or any other type of low point, please reach out and get help. You are loved and you are worth it. I promise. Stick with us. And as Suzy said in the interview, “I firmly believe that the experiences we go through are not only for our benefit, but are for the benefit of other people as well. We can use our experience to give hope to others.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Suzy has kindly offered listeners 20% off their next order at Affirmed Co. with code “WANDERING”. Thank you so much, Suzy!

You can find Suzy on Instagram @affirmedco, Facebook, and online at affirmedco.com.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/)

Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741 in the United States (https://www.crisistextline.org/)

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (http://www.sprc.org/)

For a more complete list of mental health resources, please visit the resource list at the National Network of Depression Centers.